Naked Art returns to the Main Gallery in January. You know how it works—members bring their original fine art and hang it “naked” in the gallery without mats or frames. You get to add to your fine art collection at dramatically reduced prices and frame them the way you want. Naked Art opens on January 6, 2023, at noon and continues every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through January 29. Opening Reception for all shows is Saturday, January 7, from 1–3 pm.

“Naked” is an old word. Biblical, in fact, and likely older than that. The etymology of the word has distance and deep roots in many of the world’s oldest languages. Naked is a word from the ancients, coming through the ages. And while having many connotations and synonyms, it means just one thing. Uncovered.

The essence of naked, of nude, is to be laid bare, the stripping of covering, which could refer to a human, a sword, a cabinet, or…art. Naked Art is not fully clothed art. No mats, no frames, just the open-to-view, unconcealed, exposed, lovingly created work of an artist. The fine art you’ve come to expect from Art Presence members at affordable prices…and you get to frame them your way!

Our 2023 Naked Art exhibition will be one for the ages. Here’s a peek at what you will find when you visit the gallery.

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