Become A Member!

Become an artist member of Art Presence Art Center and enjoy many benefits. Our membership benefits offer:

  • A low commission on sales.
  • The opportunity to participate in all events involving Art Presence Art Center.
  • You may offer art classes, realizing all but 30% of the tuition.
  • Access to the Loft and other amenities of the Gallery and Galleria.
  • Support for all your individual endeavors.

To apply for membership, we ask that you submit five images of your work and a link to your website. Your images should show a single medium and be a good representation of your overall work. If you specialize in three-dimensional artworks, please also include images of your mode of display. Your application will be juried for acceptance. The elements your work will be judged on include:

  • Consistency
  • Range of work
  • Mastery of your medium
  • Originality
  • Timelessness
  • Uniqueness
  • Professional presentation.


Yearly membership is just $120. Members are required to participate in at least three shows per year. There are no additional fees to exhibit your work in our monthly and bi-monthly shows.

Art Presence is a cooperative organization. Therefore, we require members to man the gallery during each month that you are exhibiting your work in a gallery show. We also ask that you sign up for the committee of your choice. Committee participation options include, but aren’t limited to, Membership, Publicity, and Exhibits and Receptions, as well as being a docent.

Join Art Presence as an Author!

Jacksonville happens to be home to many accomplished writers and authors. To provide a local outlet for their work and help them promote their books, Art Presence Art Center set up an Author’s Corner where local authors offer their books. After several years of success for authors, the Author’s Corner has settled into a permanent and beloved feature of the gallery.

Pre-pandemic, we offered monthly Author Readings which became very popular gatherings for the discussion of new works by local authors. Once the pandemic locked everyone inside, we needed to switch to a new format. Therefore, we developed Arts & Letters Conversations on Zoom.  As a result we were able to continue offering the public the opportunity to listen to the thoughts of our authors, ask questions, and hear them read and discuss segments of their most recent publications. We are so proud of this successful development and offer you the opportunity to be seen and heard through our Arts & Letters Zoom chats as one of our represented authors.

The authors we represent are not gallery members, but consignees. Thus, there is no annual fee to join. We invite authors of all ilks and areas to share their writing with us. Art Presence simply takes a very small commission of the sales of your books.

Please send a message through our contact page or email Anne Brooke directly at for more information and to join us as an author.

Apply to Become a Member

To apply for membership in Art Presence Art Center, please download the form below. Complete the form and assemble your images, then send to:

Art Presence Art Center
Attn: Paula Bandy
PO Box 1925
Jacksonville, OR, 97530.

To provide digital images for jurying, please email to

Membership Application Form - Art Presence Art Center

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