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Here’s a draft for an email member artists can use to help us begin our own list…Please leave a comment to make suggestions so we can make it a good one! Once we’ve agreed on the wording, Dianne will send it out to all our members so they can forward it to their own lists.

Dear Art-loving Friends,

I’m writing to ask for permission to share your email with an artist group in Jacksonville called Art Presence. I’m a member of the group and enjoy participating in many of their Jacksonville art events to promote my work, enrich the community’s atmosphere and increase awareness of our own talented creatives with greater visibility of locally created fine art.

Many of these art events occur in conjunction with another exciting Jacksonville event. Examples include the recent “Taste of Summer”, celebrating the opening of the 2011 Britt Music Festival season and the upcoming World of Wine Festival; in addition, the newly revived Fourth Friday Art Amble happens monthly from May through October in partnership with the local businesses of Jacksonville.

Because I know you’re a true art lover, I think you’d enjoy receiving advance notification about Art Presence events so you can enjoy attending some of them. I could forward the email announcements I receive from them to all of you, but it would save me a lot of “creation time” if Art Presence could email you directly, along with the art enthusiasts on the lists of other member artists, to let you know when an event is coming up.  Forwarding these announcements to your own list would be an easy way to invite friends to join you –  You’d be helping to promote my art and the lovely work of my Art Presence friends, too!

With that in mind, I invite you to add yourself to their list. You won’t be inundated with frequent emails, and they won’t share your email address with anyone else. Please RSVP to me and I’ll pass your address along to them.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support for the arts!


Art Presence Member Artist

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