August 2021 Exhibits

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August 2021 Exhibits: Loving Souls, by Denali Grace
Loving Souls, by Denali Grace

Our August 2021 exhibits include an exhibit of member artworks, refreshed with new works, which continues through September 12.

August Guest Exhibit: Art Dreams, by Denise Kester

August 2021 exhibits also include a guest exhibit, Art Dreams, by Denise Kester, full time artist and author of the book, Drawing on the Dream. Art Dreams opens August 6 and continues through August 29.

“Using the medium of monoprinting, I draw from the dream and the dream draws from me. The stories and the art I reach for also reach for me. Together we create a visual story that is relevant to me and to the global community. I explore the connection and interconnection with the universe through art and dreams.” ~Denise Kester

Denise specializes in monoprint and monotype viscosity printing as well as drawing and painting. Learn more about the artist and see more of her work at

August Second Saturday ArtWalk and Special Art Sale

This month’s Second Saturday ArtWalk takes place on Saturday, August 14 from 3–6 pm. Looks for yellow flags identifying participating merchants with artists showing their creations inside their stores on California Street. More artists will demonstrate their talents at various outdoor locations. The gallery will be open late with an artist reception from 3–6pm.

The following day, Sunday, August 15, is a special art sale on the Art Presence Art Center lawn featuring artists who participated in the August ArtWalk. The gallery is now open at 10am on Sundays to accommodate visitors to the Sunday Farmers Market.

To inquire about the art that captivates you or schedule a private gallery viewing, contact Anne Brooke at 541-941-7057 or We will post a virtual tour as soon as it is available. Thank you for supporting Art Presence Art Center!

August Arts & Letters Hiatus

Please note that there will be no August Arts & Letters conversation, but it will resume on September 24 with Ginna Gordon’s Humming in Spanish, the next novel in her Lavendula series. Stay tuned for announcements! NOTE: We received word from Ginna on August 19 that dues to COVID-related circumstances on the printing and distribution levels, her book will not be published on time. Therefore, she is postponing her planned launch on September 24 until these issues are resolved.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my gallery visit. Denise Kester’s work, in particular, satisfied my longing for a return to savoring art in the flesh. As always, the stories set the stage for an expansive experience.

    There was no mistaking the gift that Thunderbird was offering. This profound masterpiece enticed me to lean in for a closer look. I was enchanted by the mystical qualities of this piece, as they unfolded, right before my eyes.

    I was taken aback when I stood before the Tree of Life Imagines. It was as if this depiction of complete and genuine inclusivity had command of the space. By stepping back I was able to take in the intricate detail and vastness of the rich diversity that could and would bless our planet, if only we would allow for the spaciousness to imagine it into being.

    diane ~ ashland

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Diane! We’re delighted that you enjoyed Denise’s artwork and your visit to the gallery!

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