Autumn Harvest Show, October 20, 2012

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It was such a pleasure to sit the gallery yesterday! I knew I’d be seeing one of my heroes, Art Presence Founder Anne Brooke, but my first surprise was that artists Marilyn Hurst and Cammy Davis were there, too! I was fortunate to have lovely conversations with each of them throughout the day. Anne did a wonderful demonstration on painting with watercolors. Not only is she a wonderful teacher (she received several compliments saying the same when she was finished) but we were happy to see several youngsters there who were as excited to learn as the grownups. Cammy was on the camera, and we hope to provide the footage of Anne’s presentation soon.

Though it was a bit chilly, we had a pretty steady stream of visitors who took time to view everything in the gallery and to have a word with us. It’s wonderful to see awareness of the Art Center and its gallery beginning to spread.

I can never resist snapping a few pictures of what’s hanging in the gallery to post so people can get a taste of what the current show looks like. Yesterday’s shots suffered a bit from low lighting so I can only share a few, but there’s enough to let you know it’s WAY worth your time to stop in the Art Center to view these in person and many more beautiful works of art by our talented members! From fine abstracts to very literal representational styles and just about everything in between, you’ll always find a diverse yet harmonious selection of art in our gallery. There are always two friendly artists (sometimes more) on hand to answer your questions and have a lively, informative conversation, but who will give you space to enjoy the work of our members on your own. We love meeting new people and sharing each others art with friends ~ Come visit us!


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