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February 2021 Exhibits and Virtual Tour

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The gallery is now open on a limited basis. February hours are 1–5pm every Friday and Saturday. We carefully follow all CDC guidelines, so social distancing and masks are required and hand sanitizer is available.

“In The Beginning,” image by Vivian McAleavey

This month’s exhibit in the Main Gallery is a collection of new works by Art Presence Art Center members. This show opens Friday, February 5 and continues through Sunday, March 28.

Our Guest Exhibit is The Power of Pastel, a juried show of paintings by members of the Pastel Artists of Oregon (PAO). The show opens Friday, February 5 and remains on display through Sunday, February 28. PAO has more than 100 members from across Oregon. The exhibition, curated by noted local artist, Sue Bennett, showcases over 30 works by 21 artists. Be sure to click the images in the gallery above to see larger images of these gorgeous works.

The Power of Pastel celebrates the centuries-old art of pastel painting. Pastels are pigment held together with a binder in stick form. Pastel paintings are framed under glass to preserve the surface. Pastel paintings by masters such as Maurice Quentin de la Tour (1700s), Edgar Degas, James Abbott McNeil Whistler, William Merritt Chase (1800s), and Mary Cassatt (1900s) stand the test of time, with their colors remaining vibrant to this day.

If you feel more comfortable viewing the artworks on display from the safety and comfort of your home, please watch the virtual tour below. You can also contact Anne Brooke at 541-941-7057 to schedule a private gallery viewing.

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November 2020 Exhibits

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Our November/December exhibit in the Main Gallery is entitled Season of Cheer. The show opens Friday, November 6 and continues through Sunday, December 27, 2020. Members will have works created in all mediums on display. You will also find unique handcrafted gifts in the Galleria that will make your loved ones’ faces glow with delight.

Our Guest exhibit for November is our fundraiser for the fire victims. Our founder and director, Anne Brooke, says, “It seems absolutely impossible that three communities so close to us have been decimated to such a horrific degree. Taking a drive down Hwy 99, I found myself weeping and totally shocked by the devastation. I tried to put myself in the place of someone having to evacuate or, God forbid, lose their home. For artists, this means the loss of years of work, possibly collections of other artists’ works, supplies to create more art and a suitable atmosphere in which to create.

“Probably like you, we at Art Presence have been trying to find a way to help these fire victims. To that end, we have decided that during the month of November we will display art pieces donated by Art Presence members on the back wall. 100% of their sales will be donated to artists to help them recover from these losses.

“Please make an effort to support our November benefit show with either a donation or a purchase of fine art, knowing that you will play a role in helping artists recover.” Help us make this a Season of Cheer for artists who lost everything in the September fires!

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Lucy Warnick Guest Exhibit

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Lucy Warnick Guest Exhibit

Lucy Warnick was born in the Chicago area. She began her art education at the University of Illinois before moving to the northwest. Then, she studied at Oregon State University under Nelson Sandgren. Sandgren, introduced Lucy to painting outdoors, which is still the foundation of her work.

Lucy received a BFA in painting from the University of Oregon in 1974. She has worked as a teacher and arts administrator in Southern Oregon and Houston, Texas, as well as exhibiting her work throughout the country.

A Tribute to the Applegate and the Rogue by Lucy Warnick guest exhibit

“A Tribute to the Applegate and the Rogue,” by Lucy Warnick

Artist Statement

About her work, Lucy tells us, “I love painting the natural world. My focus is light, movement and color whether my subject is landscape, still life, the figure, or abstraction. Long days spent in new or familiar places fuel my imagination. In my studio I begin new paintings or re-work images by adding texture and layers. The energy and struggle of my exploration is essential to my process.

“The pleasure of painting on location is enhanced by joining like-minded painters who are also ecstatic at the prospect of painting in remarkable landscapes, watching nature change all around us. Each year I join a group of painters at the coast. I first painted with many of them when I joined Nelson Sandgren’s painting class at Oregon State University in 1971. We brave the elements, engage in conversation about each other’s work and laugh with the joy and mess of it all. Nelson’s son Erik Sandgren now heads up the group. Erik provides structure by sending out the itinerary of sites where we meet. This yearly adventure at the central Oregon coast has been a big factor in my development as a painter.

“I am often drawn to rivers in Oregon for subject matter. There are magical places that I have returned to in all seasons over many years. I am happy to include some of these paintings as a tribute to the Applegate and Rogue Rivers at Art Presence Art Center.”

View our Lucy Warnick Guest Exhibit on the back wall of the gallery every Thursday–Sunday from 11 am – 5 pm from August 2 through September 13.

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March 2020 Guest Exhibit

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Wooden Bowl by Siskiyou Woodcrafters Guild member John Harden

Wooden Bowl by Siskiyou Woodcrafters Guild member John Harden

Our guest exhibit for March 2020 is an exhibition of works by the Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild, running from March 6–29. The Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild — co-founded in 1980 by Tom Phillips, at that time a recent transplant from the Bay Area — has about 60 members, who present their works in a highly anticipated annual show on the Shakespeare Festival grounds. Their 41st show takes place this coming November on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving. Guild members also present woodcrafting workshops — learn more at their website,

Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild members include John Harden, Devin Klarer, Jens Sehm, and Russell Beebe, Art Presence member Bruce Millbank and many more.

John began working with wood as a child and studied woodcrafting in middle and high school. He moonlighted making small furniture projects alongside his construction day job, and has created one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture and woodturning full time since 2015.

Cutting Board by Siskiyou Woodcrafters Guild member Devon Klarer

Cutting Board by Siskiyou Woodcrafters Guild member Devon Klarer

Devin creates precise geometric patterns and optical illusions with wood to make wall hangings, cutting boards, small tables and more. He moved to Ashland in 2014 after a tour in the U.S. Peace Corps. Dev grew up in Kentucky learning woodcraft from a master woodworker who happened to be his dad. He has dabbled in many areas of woodwork, including bows and arrows, custom beehives, small furniture, and boxes. Currently his obsession in the wood world is with intricate geometric shapes and patterns and optical illusions (what you might label a form of parquetry). His aim is to make some of the most visually stunning cutting boards and wood wall hangings you will ever see!

Jens, a native of East Germany, left before the fall of the Berlin Wall and came to the US in 1989. After earning his degree in Construction Management from Cal Poly and working in that field for four years, he decided to focus on woodwork full time. He now works from his shop in Ashland.
Russell trained in Chinese furniture building with master Jeng Yee in Bangkok, Thailand. His work includes building fine furniture, repairs and restoration, and teaching wood carving. He’s also created several large wood sculptures installed in Ashland and at Southern Oregon University. In the summer of 2003, Russell Beebe was commissioned by Lloyd Matthew Haines to create a 20 foot sculpture from a standing dead white oak tree. “At first glance, the big tree gave me an indication of how my design would evolve, from the juncture of the first large branch down to the base. The very uniform trunk offered freedom to create while the divergence of the branch above would dictate form. This and Mr. Haines’ desire that the sculpture honor the Tree, our Wildlife and the Native Peoples who once lived in the area gave me the spectrum to create.” Russell also builds fine furniture, does repair/restoration and teaches wood carving.

Bruce was born in the Rogue Valley and has lived in Medford for the last 50 years. He developed a passion for wood and woodworking at a young age, working in his father’s workshop and taking woodshop in high school. Over the years he has done many projects, including small furniture, tables and bookshelves, and display shelves inset into the wall.

Currently, Bruce’s passion is making keepsake boxes and turning vessels on the lathe. He has a nice inventory of amazing wood and has the resources to get a special piece for you.


Meet the fine woodcrafters participating in our March shows at a reception on Saturday, March 7, from 1–3 pm.

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Calligraphers’ Guild “Wit and Wisdom”

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Art Presence Art Center features the Calligraphers’ Guild as the Guest Artists for February.  The exhibit opens on January 30th and runs through March 1st.  Don’t miss sayings that are beautifully calligraphed, many in a Valentine’s Day theme.

The gallery is located at 206 5th  St. in Jacksonville, Oregon. The gallery is open from 11 to 5 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The exhibit in the main gallery’s theme is “On the Same Page.”  The reception for both exhibits is on Saturday, February 1st from 1 to 3. Meet the writers, calligraphers and artists in person!

Please click on each image above to view an enlarged version.

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November 2019 Guest Artist: Jeanne LaRae

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Our November 2019 guest artist, Jeanne LaRae, is a personable and approachable artist, so when you come to the reception this month, be sure to ask her questions about her work!

Jeanne explores from her home town, the U.S. and around the world “in search of light and shadow and its magical effects.” The role that light plays in telling a story allows Jeanne to relate and deliver it through her paintings of nature, landscapes, architecture, people, and animals. LaRae encourages and inspires people to look further and deeper into their surroundings, finding the beauty and the story, to listen to the whispers of the world around them as more of a symphony of color and light, and to appreciate the gift and experience of the path.

Jeanne LaRae is a member of many southern Oregon, California, and national art associations, including Ashland Art Center, Ashland Gallery Association, Artists Workshop of Southern Oregon, Rogue Gallery, LPAPA, SoCalPapa, California Art Club, American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, Midway Art Association, the Kimball Art Center and PCPAA.

Here’s a sneak peek…a couple of Jeanne’s oil paintings:

oil painting by Jeanner LaRae, NOvember 219 guest artist at Art PResence Art Center, Jacksonville, Oregonoil painting by Jeanner LaRae, NOvember 219 guest artist at Art PResence Art Center, Jacksonville, Oregon

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