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April Art Presence Offsite Exhibits

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April Art Presence Offsite Exhibits

To help our artists reach out to more viewers and to provide more art in more places for Rogue Valley residents and visitors to our area, we have several April Art Presence Offsite Exhibits to announce:

Pioneer Village: Anne Brooke

Anne Brooke’s exhibit of watercolor paintings. See more of Anne’s work at

Jacksonville Library, Naversen Room: Photography by Kathleen Hoevet

Hoevet’s show of stunning photography. See more of Kathy’s work at

Medford Library: Photography by Tom Ommen

Ommen’s show of photography continues at the Medford Public Library.

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Small Treasures 2016 Nov-Dec Art Exhibit

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Small Treasures 2016 : Untitled holiday art by Linda AbblettSmall Treasures 2016

As the year draws to a close, Art Presence Art Center asks our members to bring their smaller pieces of art to the gallery for our holiday gift-giving show, Small Treasures 2016. Due to the gift-giving nature of the season, these works are locally created, portable and affordable. Therefore the gallery will be filled with excellent gift choices for those who appreciate art and creativity.

Small Treasures 2016 opens on Friday, November 4 and continues through Sunday, December 25.  Join us for a festive reception on Saturday, November 5 from 1–4pm!

  • Meet the artists and discuss the inspiration behind their small treasures.
  • Visit with fellow art enthusiasts over hors d’oeuvres and a sip of wine.
  • Listen to one of our local authors as they read from their newly published books. We have two author readings this month.
    • Anna Elkins reads at 1:00 from her book of poetry “The Space Between.”
    • Ginna Gordon reads at 2:00 from her brand new novel, “Looking for John Steinbeck.”

Take Your Small Treasures Home As Soon As You Buy Them!

You don’t have to wait until it’s over to pick up your artistic finds—during this show you can take your artwork with you when you purchase it. As a result, these small treasures will begin disappearing as soon as the show opens. Therefore, be sure to purchase anything you love at first sight! Artists will replenish their offerings throughout the show, so be sure to stop by the gallery often through the end of the year to see what’s new.

Art Presence Offsite Exhibits

Don’t miss Art Presence Art center’s off-site exhibits for additional holiday gift-giving opportunities! If you’d rather not give a small piece of art to someone special, these offer larger works to consider.

  • Watercolors by Judith Ghetti Ommen: On display at Pioneer Village on 5th Street in Jacksonville, OR, now through year’s end.
  • Abstract paintings by Patrick Beste: In the Naversen Room of the Jacksonville Public Library through the end of the year. Click here for the library’s hours and location information.
  • Watercolor paintings by Linda Abblett: On display at the Medford Public Library now through December 31, 2016.


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September Art Exhibit “Harvest Time” and more…

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September Art Exhibit

Our September Art Exhibit Harvest Time is a show of artwork by Art Presence Art Center artist members featuring paintings with a harvest theme…and more. The gallery is filled with fantastic artwork by our talented artist members just waiting to be seen!

Our Harvest Time members show is on display from September 2 through the 25th. Please join us for a reception on Saturday, September 3, from 1–3pm. Our Author Readings resume with this reception, and two of our local authors will share readings from their newly published books!

  • John Sack reads from “Leaving My Broken Home” at 1:00pm
  • Sharon Mehdi reads from “Eleanor Bobbin” at 2:00pm.

More Art Presence Art Exhibits:

September Art Exhibit : Pick Up Sticks, abstract painting by Judy Ommen

Pick Up Sticks, by Judy Ommen

Pioneer Village: Judith Ghetti Ommen

Art Presence member artist Judy Ommen shows watercolor and mixed media paintings from September 10–December 10. Please join her for an opening reception on September 10 from 4–6pm. See more of Judy’s paintings at[email protected]/

Jacksonville Library, Naversen Room: Abstract Paintings by Patrick Beste

September Art Exhibit : image of Trials of Odin, abstract painting by Patrick Beste

Trials of Odin, abstract painting by Patrick Beste

Art Presence member artist Patrick Beste presents a show of abstract acrylic paintings from September through December. Visit the Naverson Room and fill your eyes with Beste’s colorful abstract compositions! See more of Patrick’s work at

Medford Library: Watercolors by Linda Abblett

September Art Exhibit : image of Summer's Bloom, watercolor painting by Linda Abblett

Summer’s Bloom, watercolor by Linda Abblett

Art Presence member artist Linda Abblett shows her watercolors at the Medford Library through the end of the year. Linda’s art is distinguished by strong light and shadows, and she paints a wide variety of subjects. See more of Linda’s work at


Art Presence Art Center is a nonprofit gallery and art center located at 206 North Fifth Street in Jacksonville, Oregon, on the grounds of the historic courthouse. The gallery is open from 11am – 5pm every Friday – Sunday.

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Catie Faryl Retrospective at Pioneer Village

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Catie Faryl Retrospective at Pioneer Village

Catie Faryl at Pioneer Village : When Drones Dream, mo notype print by Catie Faryl

“When Drones Dream” from The Beekeeper’s Daughter series by artist Catie Faryl.

This exhibition of 20 paintings represents work created in each of the past 20 years, beginning with Catie Faryl’s first show in 1995. The show will be on display from February 11 through April 28, 2016. Join us for a reception on Thursday, February 11 from  4–6 pm, meet the artist, see her artworks, and enjoy scrumptious treats from the Pioneer Village’s excellent kitchen! Pioneer Village is located at 805 North 5th Street in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Catie Faryl was born in Washington State, and her large family with 7 siblings moved to Oakland and eventually Alameda, CA.  After graduating from Alameda High School, Catie attended Laney College, Cal State Hayward, and UC Berkeley.  After a few wild years in the 1960s, she began raising a family, working as Director of the Alameda Housing Authority and as a realtor in the 1970s and 80s. Catie moved with her two young children to Ashland in 1989 and became very active in the public school system, teaching art and English for the Arts Council of Southern Oregon, the Schneider Museum and venues across the Rogue Valley.

Catie began seriously developing her art career in 1995 by attending Southern Oregon University and practicing in her studio to increase her life drawing skills. In 1997 her first major collection, “Art Witches/Inner Judgement,” was shown at the Blue Heron Gallery, followed by “Collapse of Cuckoo Kingdom” in 1999 which foreshadowed the events of the World Trade Organization’s impact on small business, Y2K and 9/11.  In 2001 her solo show at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center titled “Circus of the Soul” furthered her West Coast following.  Since then she has shown at innumerable galleries and non profit venues in California, Oregon and some Southern states while continuing her involvement with many grassroots activist efforts. those efforts include advancing her non profit “Chamber of Commons,” an art conceptual piece that has become a very real support service to dozens of organizations focusing on social, economic, political and environmental justice and a way to rebalance focus on competition and collaboration for the well being of all citizens, sentient beings and elements.

“The world is in constant motion. We grasp at the patterns we perceive in nature and struggle with belief systems to try and make sense of our world. Art is my way of trying to understand. The art I make doesn’t give any answers. It sometimes raises questions and present mysteries to the viewer. When I’m making a painting, print or drawing it is like writing a poem. It is my way of conveying a feeling, idea or observation. It is how I connect myself to the world and acknowledge the human condition, which can be both tragic and comic. Since I have discovered no universal truths, I continue to ask the eternal questions. I invite you to view my work and also to engage in a dialogue of socially and politically relevant questions pertinent to our common human experiences. We live in times that test the soul; art is a way of trying to understand.”
~ Catie Faryl

The artworks of Catie Faryl address the ambiguity and poignancy of the  human condition. Through a study of personal, political, environmental and social issues and the world we live in, she creates  watercolors, etchings and oil paintings to shed light and raise  questions on difficult topics by using humor, balance, insight and  gravity to explore questions both new and old. Join her journey, which  begins with curiosity and progresses to discoveries and dialogue with those along the way.


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Elements of Southern Oregon: Anna Elkins at Pioneer Village

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Elements of Southern Oregon

Exhibit of Works by Anna Elkins at Pioneer Village

October 8 through January 6

Reception: Thursday, October 8, 4:30-6:30pm. 

Pioneer Village

805 North Fifth Street

Jacksonville, OR 97530

Art Presence is delighted to announce “Elements of Southern Oregon” an exhibit of new paintings by member artist Anna Elkins.

ANNA ELKINS is a traveling painter and poet. She earned a BA in art and English followed by an MFA and Fulbright Fellowship in poetry. She has written, painted, and taught on six continents—winning some things and loosing many others. Along the way, she has published a few books and exhibited many paintings. Her art hangs on walls around the world, and she just published her newest “children’s book for grownups,” And: The Story of More. Anna has happily set up her easel and writing desk in the mythical State of Jefferson.

I am in love with Southern Oregon in general, and Jacksonville in particular. The art in this exhibit portrays elements of our region—both natural and man-made.


There’s the natural: I walk the Jacksonville Woodlands almost every day when I’m in town. The Manzanita, the oak, the pine—all have become like neighbors. Each time I walk a trail, I notice a new detail: the vein of a leaf, the spread of a petal. These paintings celebrate such details.


There’s the man-made: I often sketch places and spaces I enjoy in our region—from coffee shops to vineyards. These vignettes capture an element, too: a flower pot, a sun umbrella, a window. I like to use quick sketches to highlight everyday surroundings.


Enjoy the elements!


anna elkins   a  r  t    +     w  o  r  d    +    s  p  i  r  i  t

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Tom Glassman at Pioneer Village

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Farm Stand, image by Tom Glassman

Farm Stand, image by Tom Glassman

Art Presence Board Member Tom Glassman exhibits his colorful (and black and white, too) minimalist photography at Pioneer Village from July–October 2015. Join us for the opening reception July 9, 4–6pm.


TOM GLASSMAN has been shooting with a camera for hundreds of years. (You might notice that he also has quite a sense of humor! And yes, it does show up in his images as well.)

“I attribute my ability ‘to see’ to my advertising background.”  As a former creative director at several ad agencies, Glassman routinely looks for the unusual.

Tom’s first love is still black and white photography, as evidenced by many of the images routinely included in his shows and the monochromatic look of many of his color photographs.

Tom’s wife, Linda, gets most of the credit for his photography career.  She was the one who first encouraged him to pursue it, and over the years, allowed him to abandon her on many of their trips so he could go off and take pictures (while she went shopping).  She also went without diamonds and furs so he could purchase a nice lens now and then.

Equine Lines, image by Tom Glassman

“Equine Lines,” by Tom Glassman

Tom’s work has shown in a number of galleries and exhibits in Boston, Massachusetts; Portland and Kennebunkport, Maine; Seattle and Kirkland, Washington; California; and of course, Oregon.  His work is in the private collections of many professional photographers, photography instructors, designers, art directors, graphic artists, art instructors, gallery owners, plain old artist-artists (painters, sculptors, etc.), and many of the framers Tom has worked with.  Additionally he teaches photography and fine art printing.

As many people comment on Tom’s brilliant colors, unusual graphic patterns, and striking minimalist approach, it is worth noting that “…what you see is what was really there and what I saw when I took the photograph.”  He does help capture the intense colors by using a polarizer filter.  But…everything was done in the camera.  And although the images you see here were produced with a computer and a professional graphics printer, none of the images were manipulated in any way with any computer imaging software.

Artist Statement

Pooped Patriots, Image by Thomas Glassman

“Pooped Patriots,” Image by Thomas Glassman

First of all, I take photos because it’s fun and because I enjoy it. And even if I weren’t showing my work in galleries, I would still keep taking photographs.

Whenever possible, my primary goal is to try and take a photograph that doesn’t look like a photograph. This might entail anything from recording unusual reflections or abstract lines and patterns to juxtaposing unusual colors or shapes to creating compositions with extreme negative space.

More specifically, what I try to do with photography is to use the camera’s point of view to isolate an object that people are used to looking at everyday so they see it in a whole new way. When people look at my work, I want them to see my images as much as they see my vision.

Red Boat, image by Tom Glassman

Red Boat, image by Tom Glassman

Finally, I am what you would call a technical photographer. In other words, all my photos are carefully composed and cropped (corner to corner) in the viewfinder before I snap the picture. Everything about my images is deliberate and time-consuming. I use a tripod, bubble level, filters, mirror-lockup, cable release, self-timer, the appropriate f-stop and ex­tremely accurate exposures to create in the camera what I envisioned in my mind.

In other words, when I release the shutter, my images are essentially complete and do not have to be labored over with any image editing software. And while many pho­tographers enjoy all the new tools that today’s digital darkroom offers, my real passion is to be spending time with the camera figuring out how to see something in a completely new and different way.


Rockport, image by Tom Glassman

Rockport, image by Tom Glassman

These are real, old fashioned, authentic, honest-to-goodness, genuine photographs.  That means they were not manipulated with any computer imaging software.  Everything was done in the camera.

BORING INFO FOR PHOTO-TECHIES:  I use a Nikon 5000 to scan my film slides into the computer and then print them on acid-free, archival museum paper with archival inks on Epson SC P600/7900 professional graphics printers to Library of Congress archival standards.  (In other words, a fine art digital Giclée print.)

“I still shoot film with a Nikon F4 (circa 1990), Nikon FA (circa 1983), and Nikonos V (circa 1990) underwater camera (great for rain and snow days).  I scan the negative.  I import the file into Photoshop.  I color correct it.  And I print it.  That’s it.  No manipulation.  No layers.  No computer-applied filters or enhancements.”
BORING DIGITAL INFO UPDATE FOR PHOTO-TECHIES:  I also use my 30-year-old manual Nikon lenses on a Nikon D800 and Fuji S5 Pro digital camera – along with a Leica M – shoot RAW, and continue to do everything in the camera with no image manipulation.

AP   1/1  (Artist’s Proof, 1 of 1) Giclée prints of these images may be ordered in any size.

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