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Minstrel Streams

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If you haven’t been to one of our receptions lately, you may be wondering what you’re in for when we say there will be live music. Art Presence members Matt and Rebecca Stuart, who recently moved to Medford from Los Angeles, are the creative instrumental genius of Minstrel Streams. Matt plays guitar and keyboards, Rebecca flute and native American flute. So you can have a listen, we’re posting this wonderful video done in collaboration with Mark Unger of Sky Lakes Media. The soundtrack is “Ancient Mariner” by Minstrel Streams, accompanying aerial video of Indian Sands, Oregon. We hope you will enjoy it, and that you will take a moment to really appreciate the music written and performed this immensely talented couple at our next reception on July 1, 2017 from 1–3pm. Please support their work too! They have several CDS of their music available from the gallery.

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New Members Minstrel Streams

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Art Presence Welcomes New Members Minstrel Streams

New Members Minstrel Streams : Picture of musicians Matt and Rebecca Stuart, new members of Art Presence Art Center

New Members Minstrel Streams: Guitarist/Pianist Matt and Flutist Rebecca Stuart

We are happy to welcome new members Minstrel Streams to Art Presence. Husband and wife musical duo Matt and Rebecca Stuart are the talented musicians/composers and recording artists behind the name Minstrel Streams. Matt plays piano/keyboards and acoustic guitar and Rebecca plays flute and Native American flutes. Their inspirational music has been described as a blend of classical, folk, and world music. We met them at our last Board meeting, and what a delight to hear their music for the first time at the Small Treasures reception a few days later! The couple only recently moved to Medford, so we also welcome them as new neighbors.

Art Presence now offers the four CDs they have made together—On Earth As It Is In Heaven, Cradle of the Moon, New Horizon, and the self-titled Minstrel Streams—in the gallery on their behalf. In addition, they have offered to play at our receptions and special events going forward. If you haven’t already fallen in love with their music, we’re sure you will enjoy listening to our new members Minstrel Streams at our next reception.

Props and Accomplishments

Their critically acclaimed CD New Horizon was recorded at Will Ackerman’s legendary Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. It has reached a global audience with radio airplay around the world…being a hit on Pandora and Music Choice “Soundscapes.”  New Horizon was also a GRAMMY contender.

In the words of Bill Binkelman of Zone Music Reporter:
“while listening… I recalled many classic recordings from the days of both Windham Hill and Narada in that the music has that ‘classic’ acoustic sound present on both labels, especially at their outset. There is a sonic richness and an emotional depth present here that goes beyond just ‘good music and well played.’ ”

New Members Minstrel Streams’ mission is To promote peace, love, joy, healing, and mercy through music.

Matt and Rebecca Stuart

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New Member, Leona Keene Sewitsky

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Roadside Attraction Leona KeeneThis month, Leona Keene Sewitsky joins Art Presence with her whimsical assemblages. These are wonderful paper, clay, wire, recycled object sculptures. She creates little figures that inhabit imaginary worlds that the viewer can visit and have the best fun ever! You can see Leona’s work during the month of March on Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 11 to 5. There will be a reception to meet the artist on March 14, 2014 from 5 to 7 pm. This little sculpture is called “Roadside Attraction”.

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Art Presence Member Profile: Painter Eva Thiemann

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Art Presence Member Profile: Eva Thiemann
You can also see more of my work by visiting my Flickr Photostream.

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Art Presence Member Profile: Painter Sue Bennett

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Art Presence Member Profile: Sue Bennett

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Art Presence Member Profile: Painter and Founder Anne Brooke

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Art Presence Member Profile: Painter and Art Presence Founder Anne Brooke

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