Catie Faryl Retrospective at Pioneer Village

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Catie Faryl Retrospective at Pioneer Village

Catie Faryl at Pioneer Village : When Drones Dream, mo notype print by Catie Faryl

“When Drones Dream” from The Beekeeper’s Daughter series by artist Catie Faryl.

This exhibition of 20 paintings represents work created in each of the past 20 years, beginning with Catie Faryl’s first show in 1995. The show will be on display from February 11 through April 28, 2016. Join us for a reception on Thursday, February 11 from  4–6 pm, meet the artist, see her artworks, and enjoy scrumptious treats from the Pioneer Village’s excellent kitchen! Pioneer Village is located at 805 North 5th Street in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Catie Faryl was born in Washington State, and her large family with 7 siblings moved to Oakland and eventually Alameda, CA.  After graduating from Alameda High School, Catie attended Laney College, Cal State Hayward, and UC Berkeley.  After a few wild years in the 1960s, she began raising a family, working as Director of the Alameda Housing Authority and as a realtor in the 1970s and 80s. Catie moved with her two young children to Ashland in 1989 and became very active in the public school system, teaching art and English for the Arts Council of Southern Oregon, the Schneider Museum and venues across the Rogue Valley.

Catie began seriously developing her art career in 1995 by attending Southern Oregon University and practicing in her studio to increase her life drawing skills. In 1997 her first major collection, “Art Witches/Inner Judgement,” was shown at the Blue Heron Gallery, followed by “Collapse of Cuckoo Kingdom” in 1999 which foreshadowed the events of the World Trade Organization’s impact on small business, Y2K and 9/11.  In 2001 her solo show at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center titled “Circus of the Soul” furthered her West Coast following.  Since then she has shown at innumerable galleries and non profit venues in California, Oregon and some Southern states while continuing her involvement with many grassroots activist efforts. those efforts include advancing her non profit “Chamber of Commons,” an art conceptual piece that has become a very real support service to dozens of organizations focusing on social, economic, political and environmental justice and a way to rebalance focus on competition and collaboration for the well being of all citizens, sentient beings and elements.

“The world is in constant motion. We grasp at the patterns we perceive in nature and struggle with belief systems to try and make sense of our world. Art is my way of trying to understand. The art I make doesn’t give any answers. It sometimes raises questions and present mysteries to the viewer. When I’m making a painting, print or drawing it is like writing a poem. It is my way of conveying a feeling, idea or observation. It is how I connect myself to the world and acknowledge the human condition, which can be both tragic and comic. Since I have discovered no universal truths, I continue to ask the eternal questions. I invite you to view my work and also to engage in a dialogue of socially and politically relevant questions pertinent to our common human experiences. We live in times that test the soul; art is a way of trying to understand.”
~ Catie Faryl

The artworks of Catie Faryl address the ambiguity and poignancy of the  human condition. Through a study of personal, political, environmental and social issues and the world we live in, she creates  watercolors, etchings and oil paintings to shed light and raise  questions on difficult topics by using humor, balance, insight and  gravity to explore questions both new and old. Join her journey, which  begins with curiosity and progresses to discoveries and dialogue with those along the way.


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