Gift Shop

The Art of Shopping Locally in our “Little Gem” of a Store.

The Gift Shop at Art Presence represents carefully selected artists year round, with a special focus on Jacksonville and Rogue Valley artists and authors. We offer an intimate and tastefully curated shopping experience.

June and July 2024 in the Gift gallery:

Special Exhibition in June and July: Envelope Art!

Anyone remember sending letters in the mail? Some of our members do, and we’re excited to show off their ideas for decorative envelopes from around the world. During June & July, their fun and clever envelope art will be on display in our Gift Shop. You can do a little shopping for smaller items including the artistic envelopes while you’re enjoying their engaging envelopes.

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Something for Everyone

When you come to the Art Presence Gift Shop you’ll find a wide range of options from crayons and chocolate to fine art ceramics, artisanal jewelry and hand woven baskets, and more, offering you a selection of unique, one-of-kind, and high quality gifts that will fit into any budget.

Specialty Gifts

For those specialty gifts you’ll find finely chosen items fitting for any occasion. We also have a diverse selection of greeting cards, all created by our gallery member artists.

Shopping at Art Presence is special because our artists are also the hosts of the gallery. They are here to answer all your questions, talk about their art, and fellow gallery members’ art. It’s just one of the things that makes shopping with us so fun!