July 2022 Arts & LettersA Conversation with Author Lynn Ransford

July 2022 Arts & Letters announcement- Lynn Ransford discusses her book, Grandma tell me a story...about critters

The July 2022 Arts & Letters livestream from Art Presence Art Center, hosted by Ginna BB Gordon, features Southern Oregon author Lynn Ransford reading from her new book. Join us at 5 pm on Friday, July 8, to listen in on the conversation and participate with your

Grandma, Tell Me a Story…About Critters is the second volume in Lynn Ransford’s delightful series of true stories intended for readers of all ages—the tales her grandchildren want to hear about over and over.

“Critter” tells us about Lynn’s experiences as a school teacher committed to teaching kids about life science. You’ll learn how to feed a snake, about when she spilled a zillion baby crickets on the rug, and what happens when a stink bug is teased.

In this delightful book of stories, you will read about Queenie the King Snake, Gus the Guinea Pig, Ted and Linoleum the Toads, rats, mice, moles, raccoons, a tarantula, an octopus, and many other colorful animal characters along with funny, sometimes poignant, human adventures.

To buy a copy of the book, please patronize your local bookstore. Follow this link to search for your nearest independent bookstore.

Follow this link for more information about the book, and links to retailers.

About Author Lynn Ransford

Lynn Ransford grew up on a farm amongst a variety of animals. There, a little like Beverly Cleary’s Ramona, she often got into bits of trouble.

Now a retired teacher after 50 years in pre-school through University/Graduate level classrooms, Lynn writes the stories her students loved and the ones the grandchildren want to hear over and over. She has discovered that friends of all ages enjoy listening to these true tales.

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