Minstrel Streams

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If you haven’t been to one of our receptions lately, you may be wondering what you’re in for when we say there will be live music. Art Presence members Matt and Rebecca Stuart, who recently moved to Medford from Los Angeles, are the creative instrumental genius of Minstrel Streams. Matt plays guitar and keyboards, Rebecca flute and native American flute. So you can have a listen, we’re posting this wonderful video done in collaboration with Mark Unger of Sky Lakes Media. The soundtrack is “Ancient Mariner” by Minstrel Streams, accompanying aerial video of Indian Sands, Oregon. We hope you will enjoy it, and that you will take a moment to really appreciate the music written and performed this immensely talented couple at our next reception on July 1, 2017 from 1–3pm. Please support their work too! They have several CDS of their music available from the gallery.

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