November 2021 art exhibitions at Art Presence begins with a wonderful new member show, opening Friday, November 5, and continuing on display through Sunday, November 28. Here is a delightful sampling of what you can expect to find in this show:

This month’s guest artists are Frank De Luca, Ken Gregg and Nancy Bardos. Since retiring from his psychotherapy practice, Frank has been writing a book on the Enneagram, a personality system to better understand yourself and other people. Kindness: A Guide for Humans Based on the Enneagram includes illustrations created by Art Presence member, Nancy Bardos, with direction from Ken Gregg.

Kindness  by Frank De Luca, image of book cover

Photography pulled Nancy into the visual art world as a young adult. When the iPhone arrived, she switched to its camera. With the dawn of the Apple pencil, she has been drawing and painting ever since. Of this work, Nancy says, “Collaborating on this book was a dream job!” Her paintings, created to illustrate the book, will hang on the back wall November 5–28.

“Kindness” chapter illustration by Nancy Bardos

To inquire about the art that captivates you or schedule a private gallery viewing, contact Anne Brooke at 541-941-7057 or

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