October Creative Challenge Sneak Preview

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The Creative Challenge Committee has been happily at work planning the next exciting October Challenge. Although the official call to artists will not go out until April, we wanted to give you a heads-up. We hope that during these winter days you will start percolating ideas and/or create the art pieces.

Remember that anything goes, so forget the rules. This is a great forum for artists to create outside your comfort zone. Free yourselves to try something new. Let’s make this the best October Creative Challenge ever!

To create a Halloween-inspired or autumn art piece with a unique and unconventional twist. Each artwork MUST incorporate a MOON. It can be a half moon, full moon, red, blue, yellow, orange moon or whatever moon you desire to create. You can also incorporate stars, planetary icons, witches, ravens, owls, etc. You are free to integrate steampunk elements, fairytales gone wrong or your own fantasy dreams or nightmares. Think kitschy, edgy and get weirdly creative.

There are no restrictions on the number of pieces you may submit or the size of the artwork. Anything goes, wall or pedestal pieces and installations. So let’s get creating!

Watch for the official “Call to Artists” in April. We will be adding more fun elements to enhance the exhibit during the entire month of October.

Happy Hauntings,
Anne Brooke, Katharine Gracey, Margery Mercer, Leona Sewitsky

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