Plein Air Set-Up and Techniques by Boni de’Laire

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Artist Demonstrations | 3 comments

Plein Air Set-Up and Techniques by Boni de’Laire Kettering at Art Presence Art Center.  Boni is an oil painter from Southern Oregon.  She discusses the equipment she uses for plein air painting and answers audience questions.  Video by artist Cammy Davis.


  1. Cammy, received but I am all squissed up and can’t see me or
    or hear very well. Hope other don’t see this. Boni

    • It must be your computer, it looks fine on mine. Can you try a different computer? Maybe have a friend check. Ooh, ask Veronica how it looks on hers.

  2. Boni – It was so great to see the video and hear your comments and suggestions for Plein Air painting. S

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