So You’ve Written a Book…What Now?

Lucky Valley Press is here to help!

So You've Written A Book...What Now? Meet David and Ginna Gordon of Lucky Valley Press in Jacksonville, Oregon at 5pm on Friday, April to find out!

David and Ginna Gordon of Lucky Valley Press

So you’ve written a book. What now? Meet David and Ginna Gordon at Art Presence Art Center at 5pm on Friday, April 12 to find out! Owners of Lucky Valley Press, a Jacksonville-based publishing company, David & Ginna can help you polish your work and successfully navigate every phase of publishing your book.

Lucky Valley has helped many authors bring their books to the public, including novels, cookbooks, inspirational and self-help books, memoirs, books about history, books for children, and gift books. The breadth of their repertoire assures you that whatever type of project you’re working on, they can bring their professional experience to the table and help you make your dream come true..

David and Ginna plan to discuss their pre-press checklist for creating a book, digital publishing, and more important information indie authors need to know. Their brochure for the talk gives us some hints.

  • Keeping your writing process organized
  • Sharing your work-in-progress with trusted individuals
  • Proofreading for spelling and grammar
  • Choosing an editor
  • Designing your book
  • Publishing and Distribution choices – their pros and cons

The Lucky Valley Pre-Press Checklist

  • Create digital files from hardcopy manuscript if necessary
  • Proofread manuscript multiple time by eye and with automated spell and grammar check
  • Edit text for continuity and flow
  • Choose and work with an iluustrator
  • Manage the design, layout and typography of the book’s contents
  • Edit photos and illustrations for high-res printing as needed
  • Design front and back covers
  • Acquire the ISBN and set up the book for retail distribution if desired
  • Preflight all documents for image resolution and fonts
  • Output final digital files for printing
  • Choose an online or local printer with quality book printing technology
  • Preparation of print or digital marketing materials if desired

And if you need help, after this meeting you’ll know local publishers you can turn to for experienced and caring assistance. So … You’ve written a book. Now What? Meet David & Ginna Gordon of Lucky Valley Press and pick their brains for the information you need on Friday, April 12 at 5pm.

“The Success is in the Details”

You can add the event to your calendar here.

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