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Minstrel Streams Live Concert Series – FREE!

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Minstrel Streams Live Concert Series

Minstrel Streams Live Concert - An Afternoon with Minstrel Streams - picture of Matt and REbecca Stuart of Minstrel Streams Small Treasures December Reception: New Members "Minstrel Streams" : PIcture of musicians Matt and Rebecca Stuart, new members of Art Presence

Musicians Matt and Rebecca Stuart of Minstrel Streams

Minstrel Streams perform a series of free concerts at Art Presence this year. Sergey Oreshkin—whose blog, Ascentor, offers music reviews—says Minstrel Streams “speaks the language of music…you just have to listen to hear words in your heart…weaving subtle and elegant sound patterns through threads of classical, Baroque, Renaissance, Romanticism, and Celtic folk music.”  Don’t miss their musical performances on Sundays from 2–3 pm!

Minstrel Streams (Matt and Rebecca Stuart) is a husband/wife musical duo. Matt plays piano/keyboards and acoustic guitar; and Rebecca plays flute and Native American flutes. Their inspirational music has been described as a blend of classical, folk, and world music. Matt and Rebecca dedicate their lives and talent to “sharing the passionate language of music, from our hearts to yours.”

We are proud to host Matt and Rebecca Stuart of Minstrel Streams, who perform a live concert of their original music on Sundays from 2–3 pm. Their critically acclaimed CD “New Horizon,” a GRAMMY contender released in 2014, was recorded at Will Ackerman’s legendary Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, reaching a global audience with radio airplay around the world…and becoming a hit on Pandora and Music Choice “Soundscapes.”  We hope “Owyhee,” their new DVD, will achieve this status and even greater. Join us for an afternoon of beautiful music with Minstrel Streams! Please visit our event post for more concert dates and to learn more about Minstrel Streams!

Bill Binkelman of Zone Music Reporter says of the musical duo, “While listening… I recalled many classic recordings from the days of both Windham Hill and Narada in that the music has that ‘classic’ acoustic sound present on both labels, especially at their outset. There is a sonic richness and an emotional depth present here that goes beyond just ‘good music and well played.’”

“While listening… I recalled many classic recordings from the days of both Windham Hill and Narada in that the music has that ‘classic’ acoustic sound present on both labels, especially at their outset. There is a sonic richness and an emotional depth present here that goes beyond just ‘good music and well played.’” ~ Bill Binkleman, Zone Music Reporter

Sure, if you’ve been into the gallery on a weekend or for a reception, you’ve heard our dear friends play. However, this concert series is the first time they’ve played at the gallery where their music is the main focus.

Minstrel Streams’ mission is to promote peace, love, joy, healing, and mercy through music. Minstrel Streams will warm your hearts and souls. Come to Art Presence and share the experience! Whether you’ve missed their previous concerts at Art Presence or you attended and loved their music, please join us for a wonderful afternoon of beautiful music.

Save the dates so you can enjoy Minstrel Streams’ remaining FREE musical performances, taking place on Sundays from 2–3 pm on:

  • March 25
  • June 3
  • August 12
  • October 14
  • December 9

This final concert includes a special author reading of a Christmas story by Christin Lore Weber to the music of Minstrel Streams. Please join us and bring the kids to enjoy this special performance!

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The Poet’s Palette and more March Exhibits

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The Poet’s Palette

Our March-April 2018 exhibition, “The Poet’s Palette,” opens Friday, March 2, with a reception on Saturday, March 3 from 1–3 pm, running through Sunday, April 29.

Art Gala Featuring Delores Ribal

the Poet's Palette and more March news : Painting by Delores Ribal

Painting by Delores Ribal

Join  us for an artist reception honoring featured artist Delores Ribal at Pioneer Village on Wednesday, March 14, from 4:30–6:30 pm. Pioneer Village always sets out a festive spread, so come and meet Delores while you enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres and live music and view a wonderful collection of her paintings. Enter Pioneer Village’s drawing for dinner for two at the Jacksonville Inn. They will also accept donations for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Everyone is welcome to attend this reception; please RSVP to 541-899-6825.

The subjects for Ribal’s bold watercolor paintings come from camping and backpacking trips in her youth. Delores originally worked with still-life displays and models, only finding her style after attending an abstract workshop. “My experiences, exploration, and finding out what happens—even accidentally—is more exciting. I just take a chance and let the paint work for me.”

Art Presence Offsite Exhibits

These exhibits of works by Art Presence members are currently available for viewing:

  • Paintings by Dolores Ribal at Pioneer Village.
  • Paintings by Dolores Ribal at the Medford Public Library through March.

Please see our Events and Exhibits calendar for more events you won’t want to miss in March 2018!

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Celebrate the Shamrock at Art Presence!

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St Patrick's Day at Art Prewsence - Celebrate the Shamrock with us and enter to win this basket of art valued at $350!!

Celebrate the Shamrock at Art Presence!

Art Presence Art Center is participating in the Celebrate the Shamrock event in Jacksonville on March 17, 2018 from noon to 7:00 pm. Come in to the gallery and enter our drawing for a basket filled with artwork created by local artists, valued at $300 350!! Check the image below to see the contents of the basket you could win and come in to the gallery for a closer look! Click the image above for more information about this city-wide event.


Celebrate the Shamrock at Art Presence Art Center in Jacksonville, OR on March 17 from noon to 7 pm! enter to win a basket filled with locally created art valued at $300!!

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Geometry: Within and Without

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Geometry: Within and Without

Art Presence presents works by two of our member artists during the month of September 2017. In Geometry: Within and Without, Raku pottery from John Dodero’s Dynamic Cubism (DC) Series joins photography by Thomas Glassman for a unique and compelling two-person exhibit in our front gallery.

Dodero Studio Ceramics – New Designs Inspired by Geometry

Geometry: The Art Within and Without - John Dodero Dynamic Cubism Series Raku Urn in Yellow

Dynamic Cubism Series Raku Urn in Yellow

John Dodero’s Raku ceramics — distinguished by quiet elegance, clean spare lines, and timeless appeal — represent a classic minimalist esthetic. Building on this esthetic, he recently introduced his new Dynamic Cubism “DC” Series. DC Series Raku urns feature Dodero’s new dynamic cubism style. One-of-a-kind abstract designs, enhanced by traces of Native American influence. And strongly influenced by geometry…


The Dynamic Cubism DC Series is inspired by John Dodero’s fascination with dynamic and dissipative systems, along with a deep interest in physics. He believes the huge scientific advances of the last century influenced the Cubist movement. John feels the theories of Relativity and the idea of the warping of space-time have been particularly strong influences. He encourages people to look into what, in his view, is one of the many confluences of art and science.


Of his new pottery series, Dodero says

“I refrain from characterizing my pieces so the viewer has the space to interpret them in their own way. That said, I want to plant a seed thought, even though it may be far-fetched or blatantly obvious.

Geometry is all around us. Lines, angles, arcs, and in my view even color, because the frequency or wave/vibration that prompts us to see the corresponding color can be geometrically graphed. Nature can be — not exactly but to a large degree — modeled mathmatically or geometrically. One case in point is the Golden Mean (among others).

See more of John’s work on his website, Dodero Studio Ceramics.

Geometry: The Art Within and Without - Arches, Image by Tom Glassman

“Arches,” Image by Tom Glassman

Geometry in the Everyday

First of all, I take photos because it’s fun and because I enjoy it. Even if I weren’t showing my work in galleries, I would still keep taking photographs.


Whenever possible, my primary goal is to make a photograph that doesn’t look like a photograph. This might entail anything from recording unusual reflections or abstract lines and patterns to juxtaposing unusual colors or shapes to creating compositions with extreme negative space. I create unusual or fun images, positioning the camera to photograph found objects or distinct background/foreground layers in close proximity that aren’t typically seen together.


I use the camera’s point of view to isolate an object that people look at every day so they see it in a whole new way. When people look at my work, I want them to see my images as much as they see my vision.


Finally, I am what you would call a technical photographer. In other words, all my photos are carefully composed and cropped (corner to corner) in the viewfinder before I snap the picture. Everything about my images is deliberate and time-consuming. I use a tripod, bubble level, filters, mirror-lockup, cable release, self-timer, the appropriate f-stop and ex­tremely accurate exposures to create in the camera what I envision in my mind.


Consequently, what you see are color-corrected images that are otherwise unaltered in any way by image editing software. While many pho­tographers enjoy the new tools that today’s digital darkroom offers, my real passion is to spend time with the camera figuring out how to see something in a completely new and different way.

Geometry: Hidden in Plain Sight

All too often, we go through life without taking the time to stop and really look at what’s around us, above us, beside us, or even down at our feet. Shapes, patterns, colors, shadows, reflections, unusual juxtapositions, a dramatic perspective, or something as simple but compelling as an unusual point of view — all conspire to demonstrate how different people can look at the same thing and see it very differently.


With this exhibit, whether it’s exploring the natural world, home surroundings, a small town scene, or even something as ordinary as a city street, the familiar can suddenly become magical and mysterious. Who knew that something as simple as a photograph with a fresh perspective has the power to stop us, or move us, or simply make us think and feel?


“You don’t see that every day,” viewers might be inclined to say. But, of course, you do. And you’ll notice if you know where and how to look.

~ Tom Glassman

Geometry: The Art Within and Without will open Friday, September 1 and runs through Sunday, October 1. Join us for the reception on Saturday, September 2 from 1-3 pm to enjoy the art and meet the artists.

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Artists Workshop Plein Air Event Show and Sale

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Artists Workshop Plein Air Event Show and Sale

Coming July 1, 2017

On the front lawn at Art Presence Art Center in Jacksonville, Oregon!Artists Workshop July 2017 Plein Air Event Show and Sale


The Artists Workshop holds this year’s Plein Air Event from June 28–July 1, 2017. Participating artists paint on location for three days. On July 1, they present their work for a show, sale and awards on the front lawn of the Art Presence Art Center in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Awards day begins with an exciting quick-paint competition from 10 am to noon. Then the awards ceremony takes place at 2:30 pm. Over 30 artists participate in this year’s plein air event, therefore a wide range of plein air painting styles will be available to interested collectors. Jurors are Willo Balfrey and Richard McKinley, so awards are decided by two of the Valley’s most highly respected artists!

The event takes place alongside the July reception for our new art exhibit, so be sure to come inside and view the art works in the gallery too!

About the Artists Workshop of Southern Oregon

The Artist’s Workshop was founded in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon in 1979 by Jacksonville artist Elaine Witteveen. Now the Artists’ Workshop of Southern Oregon, the group has grown to an organization with over 40 artists working in a wide range of mediums.

Artist’s Workshop of Southern Oregon members interested in plein-air painting meet weekly at “paint-outs” at locations throughout the Rogue Valley. Indoor drawing and painting sessions, often featuring a live model, are available during inclement weather.

Each August, Artist’s Workshop of Southern Oregon holds its annual art show and sale. The show is open to all members.

Membership is open to artists of all levels of artistic ability/development. Click here to download the membership application form.

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