We’d like to introduce our new Executive Director, Paula Bandy! After an exhaustive search, we are delighted to have found an individual with such strong credentials and commitment to the arts. Succeeding our founder, Anne Brooke, in this position is no mean feat, yet we are confident that she’s the perfect person to lead Art Presence Art Center into the future.

Paula Bandy, Executive director of Art Presence Art Center. Image credit: Steven Addington Photography
Paula Bandy, Art Presence Art Center’s new Executive Director

About Paula Bandy

Paula loves when people ask her where she’s from. “Paris,” she replies, then hesitates. Watching as their eyes light up, she then smiles and says, “Illinois.” And everybody laughs.

A child of the cornfields, one of her favorite memories is sitting on the old wooden steps of her beloved aunt’s house listening to the squeak of the corn silks as she pulled the husks away from the yellow core. Her dad was a painter and lithographic artist so being artistic and creative were innate in her upbringing. Visits to art museums were always part of visits to Chicago and summer vacations.

As a transplant from the flatlands of Illinois to the mountains of southern Oregon, via Arizona, Israel, and Utah, her first try at college was as a dance and English major. She learned that dance required more physical commitment than she wanted and decided to travel instead. After time spent living in Israel and traveling in Europe, she eventually returned to Arizona and fell into work as a commercial make-up artist/fashion stylist for 20 years before finally returning to college years later.

There she rediscovered her love of writing, cultures, and old things. Many art and writing classes later, while working toward her degree in anthropology, she was the Special Events Coordinator at the Natural History Museum of Utah. To this day this is the job she looks back on as the catalyst to her future. It was love at first artifact.

She and her family moved to Ashland and already a writer and artist, theater and performing arts lover, she then discovered wine. Her love for southern Oregon was sealed.

Paula was a writer and on-air commentator for Jefferson Public Radio, the Southern Oregon University NPR affiliate for a decade. While garnering a couple more degrees she honed in on her writing craft and art skills with the intention of designing a meaningful life.

Currently, Paula is the bi-weekly wine columnist for Medford Mail Tribune. She’s covered wine, lifestyle, food, and home for Oregon Wine Press, Southern Oregon Magazine, and additional national and international academic publications. She’s also a Certified Sherry Wine Specialist (CSWS) and creates a kind of ‘artifact’ jewelry, pb~bodyvine, which is available locally at Carefree Buffalo in Jacksonville.

Coming full circle into art, Paula lives with her dapper dachshund, Copper, in a 120-year-old house in Medford, with rooms filled with art and books.

Please join us in welcoming our new Executive Director to Art Presence and the Jacksonville community!

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