ZoomRoom Local Author Reading – Christin Lore Weber

Posted by on Jan 18, 2021 in Author Readings, Events | 18 comments

This year, Art Presence adds Zoom Room Local Author Readings to its growing list of online offerings. Join us at 5pm on the second Friday of each month to hear local authors read excerpts from their books; you can ask questions via the chat box.

On February 12, we present our first Art Presence Zoom Room Author Reading with Christin Lore Weber reading from her new novel, NO THIS BUT THIS. You can sign up for your reservation below.

Christin Lore Weber is an award-winning multi-genre author who lives and writes in the Upper Applegate mountains.  Weber was an LA TIMES “Best Books of 2000” author, INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES’ “Book Sense 76” pick, and PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY “First Fiction” choice, among others. She has written seventeen published books, and “No This But This” is her sixth novel. Please follow this link to register for Christin’s ZoomRoom reading at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/136340236317 It’s free!


  1. Very much looking forward to seeing AND hearing you, Christin, even if only par distance! Much love, Jannalee

  2. Good luck in this new venture. I’m eager to be with you!

    • And I’m delighted to know you will be with me this afternoon, Terri.

  3. How exciting!

    • Thanks for all your support during the weeks I’ve been preparing for this. “See” you this afternoon!

  4. Most excellent, Christin

    • Bobbi! Will you be with me today?? I’ll be so happy if you are.

  5. Thanks for doing this.

    • Hi Jan! Hope to “see” you today in the Zoom Gallery!

  6. I”m looking forward to Christin’s presentation. This is an amazing book! It’s worth reading to the end just to discover the meaning of the title.

  7. will I be sent a Zoom link, to log in for this event?

    • You should receive a link if you have already registered. If you have registered and haven’t received a link, please let us know so we can help you.

      • Please send me a link. I received something, but it doesn’t work for me.

        • I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having! I have contacted the organizers and let them know about the trouble you’re having. You should hear from one of them soon.

  8. I received an email, but can not open it. Can you send a link.

  9. Char, Were you able to register and log on? I do hope Art Presence gets this worked out before the next Zoom Room reading. From the number of emails I received before and after the event, I figure there were numerous people who wanted to log on who didn’t succeed. It was the first attempt however, so the techical difficulties needed to be identified and solved. I do believe that the reading was recorded, though, so we ought to be able to access a copy.

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